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Endermologie :
the reference for cellulite

With more than 30 years of experience and scientific research, LPG has created a new patent that masters all these natural mechanisms in a unique treatment. Acting simultaneously on releasing fat, smoothing cellulite and firming skin this new patented Alliance treatment head allows direct action on fat cells in your hypodermis (the slimming cells) and fibroblasts in your dermis (the youth cells). A full 360ยบ approach giving rest to the dilemma thinner or firmer. What will be yours?

Endermologie LPG

With the highest treatment comfort, LPG CELLU M6 INTEGRAL mobilises tissues in multiple dimensions in an optimized way (LPG patents). With our CELLU M6 ALLIANCE we can reactivate the deep blood and lymphatic circulation as well as fat elimination (with up to 67% of fat eliminated in clinical studies).

Endermologie also allows the production of collagen and elastin to firm your skin.

We are highly specialized in the delivery of these services having all our technicians thoroughly trained and certified by LPG in Montreal (Daniele Henkel).

Endermologie LPG

Contrarily to other technologies on the market, LPG endermologie proposes a completely natural alternative: to revive the cellular activity that is sleeping in our skin in order to fight against all those non-cosmetic signs (wrinkles, loose skin, orange skin, cellulite).

Endermologie is the mechanical stimulation of cells and allows to reboot the awakening process naturally without pain.

For the last 30 years, LPG has provided best in class medical equipment to men and women mindful and demanding of their health as well as their appearance. Just like a healthy dietary regimen or as a regular sport activity, endermologie services sends stimuli to your cells, giving them a slight boost and allowing them to work optimally. Integrating endermologie in your daily routine is another way to choose a healthy and intelligent life style to preserve your body and face from time.